What’s New

 New Classes at RTP Fitness!

We have 2 New Classes starting this month- POUND Fitness with Karen Coates, and Dance Classes with Jamie!

POUND is a whole body cardio workout employing squats, lunges, core work and other effective moves where every class turns into a fitness concert! You are rocking out to the beat rather than counting squats. Check our Facebook page here for a video, and come on out and give it a try! Every Monday night at 8:00, and more sessions coming soon…

Dance Classes will get your kids moving, and parents can get a gym workout in while their kids are dancing up a storm- Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night from 6:000-8:00, come check it out!

RTP Fitness Loyalty Rewards Program!

The RTP Fitness Rewards Program is our brand new loyalty rewards program in partnership with Perkville. By joining in, you can easily earn points for coming in to workout, referring friends who join, posting on social media, signing up for Personal Training, and much more. In return, you can redeem points for free items- protein shakes, T-shirts, free time added to your membership (up to a full year!), and even a flat screen TV. Make sure to sign up and get something back for all the sweat and hard work you put into your workouts. You deserve to be treated!

Start earning points today! It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 50 bonus points just for registering! Why not make your sweat and hard work earn points for you?

If you’re a Member, you can sign up and start anytime. If you’re not a member yet, you will be eligible to sign up on the day you join, so come see us today!

New Year, New You!

The New Year is here and it’s time to make that commitment to get fit- whether it’s lose some weight, run that 5k, hit a new PR, start on that spring and summer beach body, or just get back into shape. Whatever your goals are, we can help- with 40 years in the fitness and gym business, we know what it takes to succeed, and we can help you every step of the way. Regardless of whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned veteran, we can help. Our staff and our Personal Trainers will set you on the right path, whatever your fitness goals may be.

We are running a number of New Member specials in January, come see us to find the right one for you!

Martial Arts Class

From instructor Master Ross Duncan:

The majority of our training consists of traditional Jiujitsu, Chen style Taiji Chuan(Tai Chi), Ch’uan Fa(Chinese kickboxing, often called Kung Fu), and of course freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. We supplement this core training with techniques and drills from Ba Gua Zhang, Hsing I, and western Boxing.  The common element to all these martial arts is they are based on first principles, universal laws that allow a smaller fighter to use an opponent’s strength against them.

Every class begins with Qi Gong and warmups to condition the body and prevent injury. We then move into instruction and drilling of specific techniques, while the second hour consists of various contested, live drills to develop instincts, reflexes and the skills necessary for true competency.

Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday as follows:

  • Monday:          7:00- 8:45, Group Fitness Room
  • Wednesday:   7:30- 9:15, Group Fitness Room

First Class is Free to all RTP Fitness Members, and the monthly rate for Members is also discounted. Come check it out and see for yourself! For more info on Master Duncan, click here or go to our Links page for his complete bio.


Competition Results- Congrats to all RTP Fitness lifters!

Over the last couple weeks, several RTP Fitness members have competed in local and statewide powerlifting meets with a tremendous amount of success. You can see some of the pictures and videos on our Facebook page here, or for a full listing check out our media page here. Here are the results:

USAPL Fall Festival of Power

  • Devon Miles- 1st Place, Women’s 132 lb weight class
    • Bench Press- 83 lbs
    • Squat- 171 lbs
    • Deadlift- 220 lbs
  • Jay Thompson- 1st Place, Men’s 148 lb weight class- Open and Masters
    • Bench Press- 265 lbs (a new State and American record)
    • Squat- 364 lbs (a new State record)
    • Deadlift- 452 lbs (a new State record)
    • Total- 1080 lbs (a new State record)
    • Jay now holds all 4 North Carolina State records- Bench, Squat, Deadlift, and Total- Congrats!!
  • Craig Smitley- 1st Place, Men’s 220 lb weight class (Masters 50-59), overall meet Best Lifter
    • Bench- 276
    • Squat- 468
    • Deadlift- 502
    • Total- 1246
    • Craig was the meet’s overall Best Lifter in the Master’s Division- congrats!!
  • Tra Farrington- 1st Place, Men’s 220 lb weight class- Open Division
    • Bench- 386
    • Squat- 408
    • Deadlift- 712 (a new State and American record- Open Division)
    • Total- 1506
  • Brian Brookshire- 2nd Place, Men’s 198 lb weight class- Open Division
    • Bench- 303
    • Squat- 424
    • Deadlift- 551
    • Total- 1279
  • Brian Pettis- 3rd Place, Men’s 198 weight class- Open Division
    • Bench- 292
    • Squat- 430
    • Deadlift- 502
    • Total- 1224
  • Anson Mays- 1st Place, Men’s 198 weight class (Master’s Division), 5th Place (Open Division)
    • Bench- 303
    • Squat- 430
    • Deadlift- 468
    • Total- 1202
  • James Montgomery- 1st Place, Men’s 220 lb weight class (Master’s Division), 6th Place (Open Division)
    • Bench- 292
    • Squat- 397
    • Deadlift- 502
    • Total- 1190
  • Patxi Cruz- 5th Place, Men’s 242 lb weight class (Open Division)
    • Bench- 309
    • Squat- 402
    • Deadlift- 502
    • Total- 1213
  • Thomas Hubscher- 4th Place, Men’s 198 lb weight class (Master’s Division), 6th Place (Open Division)
    • Bench- 292
    • Squat- 413
    • Deadlift- 452
    • Total- 1157

Congratulations to all our Members for an outstanding Meet!

Convict Conditioning

Starting in July, we’ll be offering the Convict Conditioning training classes. This is an intense strength and conditioning program using bodyweight exercises- the Big Six Power Moves are as follows:

  • One-arm Handstand Pushups
  • One-arm Pullups
  • One-arm Pushups
  • One-leg Squats
  • Stand-to-ground Bridge
  • Hanging leg raises

Each of the moves has a 10-step progression, starting with simple and easy movements that lead up to mastery of each Power Move. Whether you’re a lifter, a runner, a cyclist, or participate in sports, everyone will benefit from the increased joint, muscle, tendon and ligament strength.

PAIN & GAIN Movie Promo Event!

  • Paramount Pictures is releasing a new movie, PAIN & GAIN, starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Rebel Wilson, and Tony Shalhoub (from the TV show Monk). It’s an action-comedy based on a true story. The movie will be nationally released on April 26th, and there’s an advance private screening in our area on April 23rd.
  • Paramount has asked RTP Fitness to hold a promo event for the movie, and will be providing us with a bunch of free promotional material to give away to any Members who participate in the event. They will also be providing participants with a free invitation-only pass to the advance screening at AMC Streets of Southpoint.
  • For our event, we’ll be holding a PAIN & GAIN Meet/Contest on Saturday April 20th at 2:00. Anyone who comes out to participate in or watch the “meet” will be eligible to win free movie promo swag, as well as an invitation to the private screening. This is not a full-blown competitive meet; but more of an exhibition and a chance for you to show your stuff…
  • There will also be a photo/video session for the event, and Paramount will select 5-10 shots to use in their own promo material- individual shots of folks lifting as well as a group shot of all participants and spectators- so come on out and get your picture and make sure you get in the group shot!

Glow In The Park Run for Cystic Fibrosis!

RTP Fitness, in partnership with Trivium Racing and The Research Triangle Park Foundation, is pleased to announce the Glow In The Park Run for Cystic Fibrosis is coming to RTP on Saturday April 13th! This is a night time event- complete with a DJ spinning dance tunes, a ton of glow in the dark goodies, and a 5K run all rolled into one! Please click Here to learn more about how you and your family, friends,  and co-workers can come run for fun, support a great cause, and have a great time showing off your glow….

New Event- Zumbathon for Arthritis Foundation! (Please Note New Time, Saturday November 10th, 4:00-6:00)

A lot of you have been asking about more Zumba and Zumba events, so we’ve decided to host our own- please mark your calendars for the 1st RTP Fitness Zumbathon! Details are as follows:

  • DATE:    Saturday, November 10 , 2012
  • TIME:    4:00-6:00 for the Zumbathon
  • WHAT:  For those of you who’ve never attended a Zumbathon, it’s a marathon dance party and fitness blast to support a good cause and promote health and fitness through high-energy dance aerobics. The event is being hosted by RTP Fitness and our new Zumba instructor Ana Perez Inocencio (check out her bio here). We’ll be supporting a great cause that day- the Zumbathon proceeds will go to the Arthritis Foundation. Click here for more info.
  • COST:    Advance tickets are $10, day-of-the-show $15. Proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation. Please visit Ana’s site here for Tickets and more info- and please invite all your family and friends to come out and dance, exercise, sweat and support a great cause!
  • WHERE: RTP Fitness, 4310 S. Miami Blvd- group fitness room and club area
  • OTHER STUFF: We’ll have drinks and snacks, and next week we’ll be announcing Door Prizes and Raffle Prizes!

More info coming soon, so please plan on bringing your wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, friends and come join us for an afternoon of fun, partying, and support this great cause!

If you’re interested in participating, or helping out, or just want to come out and join the party, please fill in the info below and let us know!

State Championship Meet Results!

It was a great meet to say the least, RTP Fitness is very proud of its’ members and their great performances this Saturday. Here are the results:

165lb Weight Class:

Ronnie Garner

  • 1st Place in the Masters Division
  • 275lb Squat
  • 280.5lb Bench Press- A new State Record!
  • 380lb Deadlift

Nasir Nantambu

  • 1st Place in Push&Pull
  • 303lb Bench Press
  • 451lb Deadlift
  • 1st Place Open strict curl-105lb

Nicholas Ludlow

  • 352 lb Squat
  • 242 lb Bench Press
  • 508 lb Deadlift- A new State Record!

181 Weight Class

Chris Bright

  • 1st Place in Push&Pull Open Division
  • 319lb Bench Press
  • 418 lb Deadlift

198lb Weight Class

Marvin Curtis

  • 1st Place in Push&Pull
  • 330lb Bench Press
  • 451lb Deadlift

Tyrre Daye

  • 391lb Bench Press-A new State Record for Law Enforcement/Military

220lb Weight Class

Phillip Capps

  • 1st Place Overall in Masters Division
  • 473lb Squat- A new State Record!
  • 353lb Bench Press- A new State Record!
  • 385lb Deadlift

242lb Weight Class

Tra Farrington

1st Place Open Division

  • 440lb Squat
  • 446lb Bench Press- A new U.S. NATIONAL record!
  • 699lb Deadlift- A new U.S. NATIONAL record!

Congratulations to all our RTP Fitness boys! We cannot wait to see what kind of records they will break next! We would also like to recognize our staff and the Friends of RTP Fitness Volunteers- without them we could not have pulled this off:

  • Ambassador Barry Dixon- our Member Emeritus
  • Rex Downey, Bryce Whitney, Craig Smitley, and Andy Steagall- between loading and spotting they moved more weight than anyone- thanks guys!
  • Chris Bright, Nasir Nantambu, and Marvin Curtis- for helping us get the gym in shape before the meet and for getting it put back after- thanks guys!
  • Paul Bossi and the crew at 100% Raw for helping us put on a great meet- these guys know what they’re doing
  • Our Sponsors at Papa John’s Pizza and American Reprographics- we appreciate all your help
  • Finally, special thanks to RTP Staff Steven and Rex- we appreciate the huge day they put in and all the long hours leading up to it- thanks guys!

100% RAW Powerlifting State Championship is this Saturday, 8/11/2012!

RTP Fitness is very excited to host the North Carolina State Powerlifting Championships,  Saturday, August 11th from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Admission is only $5 and is open to anyone who would like to attend. This is a fully Sanctioned Level II meet where State and National records can be broken. A full slate of powerlifting events is on tap, including Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, and Strict Curl. Sanctioned by the 100% Raw Federation, the meet will be strictly drug-free.


The State’s top lifters will be competing, including local athletes Ronnie Garner, a World Record holder; Tra Farrington, the current North Carolina Strongman champion; and current and former Master’s champion Phil Capps. The meet will also feature the State’s top youth and high school lifters as they attempt to break age-group State records.

Zumba Is Back!

Zumba is back on Mondays at 5:30 with new Instructor Gwen Hernandez. Gwen is taking over for Gabriela, who’s got a new work schedule- thanks Gabriela, and congratulations and best wishes. Welcome Gwen!

Early Renewal Free Month Special!

If your membership is coming up for renewal in July or August, renew at least one week early and get a Free Month added to your Membership! Check at the Front Desk for your renewal date and take advantage of this Summer Special. Please note that the Early Renewal is good for 6-Month, 1 Year, 14 Month, and Monthly Draft Memberships. If you are Month-to-Month or Quarterly, come ask us about how you can upgrade, save money, and get a FREE MONTH!

New Personal Training Packages!

2 for 1 Half-Price “Get In Shape for Summer” Packages

Starting in June, we’ll be offering 2 for 1 Personal Training Packages and Sessions! What that means is this: You and a spouse, friend, or training partner can sign up for any of the Personal Training Packages at 2 for 1, or Half-Price for each of you! Please check the Personal Training Page for a complete listing of offerings, including Weight Loss, Sports-Specific Training (Golf, Football, Tennis, Marathon Running), Strength-Conditioning, and Cross-Training. Our most popular program is 12 sessions for $255, so for 2 of you that works out to a little more than $10 per Session!! If you’re interested, please fill out the brief form below or come see us at the Front Desk.

New Summer Classes and New Class Schedule!

Ultimate Strength Training- Come Check It Out!

Also starting in June, we’ll be offering an Ultimate Strength Training class! The class will be taught by Tra Farrington, who in addition to being an N.S.C.A and A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer, is also a Nationally-Ranked Strongman Competitor. Tra will focusing on the following areas:

  1. Plyometrics- for explosive strength and conditioning
  2. Barbell and Dumbbell use- Learn proper technique and form to maximize your strength
  3. Traditional Strongman events- tire flipping, farmer’s carry, sled pulls- everything to increase functional strength as well as your traditional weightlifting strength
  4. Endurance and Stamina- build your endurance as well as your ability to stay stronger for longer- Tra’s circuits will do just that!

This is not just traditional weight training or just the strongman events- Tra will help you build everyday strength, endurance, stamina, and will teach you the proper technique and form. Cost for the classes are the same as for Personal Training, and the classes will be offered as follows:

Saturday:      11:00-12:15

Wednesday:    5:30-6:30

The first class is free to all Members, so come check it out! Check the Class Schedule for the June start dates.

New Cardio Equipment

Today we took delivery of some new FreeMotion treadmills and a new FreeMotion stationary bike! Come check them out and tell us what you think- for those of you who like indoor running and walking, we think you’ll like the upgrades!

2nd Nutrition Open House and Weight Loss Challenge coming Saturday June 2nd

A lot of you have been asking when we’re doing the next 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge and nutrition seminar. Since the last one was scheduled on a holiday weekend (my bad), this time we’re going to avoid the holiday so that more of you can come. In fact, we’re going to have it the weekend after Memorial Day so as to minimize conflicts- so enjoy the long holiday weekend with family, friends and great food, and then come see us the next Saturday to start your getting-in-shape-for-the-summer program! Here’s the details:

When: Saturday June 2nd 10:00 am- Noon

Where: RTP Fitness group classes room

What: Visalus 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge, Free Fitness Assessment and Weigh-In.  Alyse and Darryl will be back to talk about nutrition, weight loss, and how YOU can get in great shape for the summer! And yes, they will be bringing the blenders and will have PLENTY of shakes and nutritious goodies for all! We will also be posting a 90-Day Challenge scoreboard for everyone who gets in on the Challenge…

North Carolina State Powerlifting Championship

The North Carolina State Powerlifting Championship is coming to RTP Fitness! This will be a fully-sanctioned championship meet and will be bringing in State and National caliber lifters from all over the Mid-Atlantic area. Entry forms will be posted here soon as well as available in the gym. If you’re interested in competing, volunteering to help, or just want to come watch top competitive lifters, please mark your calendars for Saturday, August 11th at 9:00 am. RTP Fitness will be well-represented by folks such as Nasir Nantambu, Chris Bright, Ronnie Garner, and several more to come. Stay tuned for more info, and if you’re interested please fill out the form below and let us know….

Russian Systema

The Friday Night Russian Systema class is now in full swing! Come see what all the buzz is about- this is the fastest-growing martial art discipline in the country and you have to see it to believe it- and it’s FREE to check out for your first class! Check out this video from last year’s Free Systema Demo in Chapel Hill for a better look:

Personal Training

By popular request, we’re adding Marathon Race training as well as Tennis to our Sports-specific offerings. We’ll also be offering a Special Get-In-Shape-For-The-Summer Training Package for Members after Memorial Day, so please click here to go to our Personal Training page and request more info, or come in and see us and we’ll be happy to fill you in!

Bridging The Gap

RTP Fitness has agreed to sponsor some folks from the Bridging The Gap program here in Durham. This program provides supervised care for the mentally challenged,  and we’re happy to help out this worthy cause. In the coming weeks, you will see some of these folks working out here and helping out around the gym. They’re some of the friendliest people around, so please introduce yourself and say hello!